Right now, it’s the peak of summer, with scorching heat, in India. Literally the temperature goes vertical almost every day. Tanning is one of the major problems we face during […]

Hi All, We all know that breakfast is very important as it breaks the overnight fast and replenishes all the essential nutrients. Experts say if you miss your breakfast you […]

We All Love Sarees There is no denying the fact that we all love Sarees. Sarees have a huge fan following in the Indian subcontinent as well as outside it. […]

As we are almost in the midst of this year, I thought of curating and suggesting few of the hottest and coolest fashion trends around. These are some of the […]

Let’s admit it. We all want to look good and presentable but to do so requires physical and mental efforts continuously. Mental effort is important because you have to scientifically […]

Over the last few weeks some of my friends are saying good words about my weight management success and also about my improved skin texture. Though I have always maintained […]

Almost all of us have a tough time choosing a hairstyle complementing our dress. For a party or a get-together and many other occasions, we don’t have enough time for […]

Chikankari is a traditional embroidery style of Lucknow which exquisitely balances beauty and delicate style of embroidery. It is known to be crafted on variety of fabrics mostly on crepe […]

Hi Friends, Today’s post is all about my love for bags.To be precise all of us envy beautiful bags. Isn’t it!! We can never have enough of the bags. We […]