Obesity is a Real Problem Worldwide High body weight or obesity is the common problem among most of the people all over the world. People try various ways to shed […]

The Magic of Coconut Oil Use 100% natural coconut oil preferably extra virgin and add few of the vitamin E capsules in it. Apply the oil every night before going […]

The fashion and style scene is as temporary as the weather but as difficult to predict as the climate. But certain peeks into the lifestyles of icons and the buzz […]

Greying of Hair is Natural Greying of hair is a natural phenomenon and it will occur to all of us sooner or later. A few of us want to color […]

Never Age anti-wrinkle cream was suggested to me by my dermatologist about three months back. Since then I am using this cream continuously. Now I am in a position to […]

The Search for the Perfect I have an oily and pimple prone skin. I am always on a lookout for the products which can suit my skin type perfectly. I […]

The Proven One Vitamin A is one proven ingredient to reverse the ageing process. Recently one of my dermatologist friend suggested a vitamin- A- cream. This cream comes in a […]

Inspirations are the source behind many creations particularly the modifications in the fashion. It’s a daunting task to first recognize that the original can be fine tuned to the current […]

Rules are not made in the heaven Most of the time the rules for women are made by the the prevailing mindset. This particular mindset try to tell the women […]