My Hiatus…A New Love Story Begins

First of all my apologies for being out of touch for such a long time but I am sure you will be excited to know how I utilised my hiatus. I learned to make all Natural Bath and Body Products. This all started about my obsession for using all natural ingredients for my day to day use in order to live a chemical free life .

Experiments and Research 

I experimented a lot and did great deal of research on the subject of my interest. After this theoritical exercise, I produced few of the products for my personal use. I really loved using those self made products. Now most of my bath and body products are made by myself and believe me I feel that my skin looks and feels more happier than ever before. I have stopped using chemical products totally and my personal use products are made by me personally. Slowly my family and friends too have started to like my chemical free organic natural and personal use solutions.

My Creations

This is some of the list of my exclusive “Home Made Natural Products” and few of the pictures

Lip Balm for Men and Women

Neem Facial Soap Bar

Honey Hydrating Soap Bar 

Camel Milk Luxury Cleansing Bar

 Sheep Milk Cream Bar

All Herbs Spa Bar

Charcoal Goat Milk Soap Bar 

Black Sugar Coffee Face and Body Polish

This is Just the Beginning..

My hobby is utilitarian and that makes me feel more happy. The world of home made and hand crafted soap making and allied activities is as big as the sky. There are so many pemutations and combinations in natural soap making that it always seems fresh and new. One can create hand crafted natural soaps for almost every skin types and also gender is no boundary. Friends wait for more news from my side on this front.

                                                                                                                                       By   HINA ALAM

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Written by Hina Alam

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