Greying of Hair is Natural

Greying of hair is a natural phenomenon and it will occur to all of us sooner or later. A few of us want to color the hair for just style purpose even if no grey hair is present. A few of us want to flaunt the salt-pepper hair. But many of us like to color it to conceal the grey strands. I always use all natural products for coloring my hair. I use Henna powder along with Indigo powder to get the desired color. I do it because of the unavailability of the 100% natural hair colors which can give good results.

A couple of months back this hair color was suggested by my dermatologist and I was happy to see that it was USDA ORGANIC certified, bioorganic certified, and India Organic certified. I was delighted by the results. After using it for a couple of months I want to share my experiences with the readers as it is one of the most asked queries by readers.
Directions for use

Indus Valley 100% organic hair color comes in a variety of shades like black, brown, light brown etc. I use Indus brown as it goes well with my natural color of the hair. Hair color box contains four packets of powder color, one hairbrush, a glove, and a plastic hair cap. For short hair, a packet has to be mixed in hot water to make a paste-like consistency and for long hair, two packets will be used. the half pack will be good for the touch up only. the paste has to be applied evenly covering the grey just like henna paste for around one hour for best results. I would suggest applying conditioner after washing the hair paste.
My experience

I am satisfied with Indus Valley natural hair color. it gives a very good coverage to grey hair and would stay better than the henna application. My few observations are below

Nourishes the hair as it colors
Comes in variety of shade
Easily available online
Not very expensive
Does not cause allergies
The Brighter Aspects

100% organic hair color
Contain all organic and halal certified ingredients
Free from any kind of chemicals
Recommended and approved by doctors

The Drawbacks

All the shades are not easily available
Staying power is little less compared to permanent chemical colors
No option for creating color highlights

My rating


Written by Hina Alam

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