Your Hand care Lies in Your Hand Only

The process of aging and sun damages fasten as we grow in years. It is normally seen that after completing thirty, our hands start showing age faster than our face. This is because the skin of on our hands is more thinner than the skin on other parts of the body.

Hands are the parts which we use most often and its visibility factor is more than any parts of the body. Many a times even if we are able to camouflage the signs of aging, our hands tell the secret. But every problem has a solution. If we imbibe certain beauty habits in our daily regimen, our hands may also look as younger as our body is. Here is the step by step daily regime.

Cleanse and Scrub

Clean your hand with any gentle hand wash
Remove old nail polish stains using nail polish remover.
Apply any home made scrub made up of sugar and olive oil or the ready made scrub
Scrub your hands thoroughly for removal of dead skin as well as for skin polishing to get an even skin tone
Wash with warm water.


After thorough cleansing the next step is to

Keep your hands well moisturized to avoid wrinkles
Keep a hand cream ready near the places where you wash your hands
Apply the cream when your hands are still damp for better absorption
While moisturizing your hands always invest a little more time to give hand massage the best outcome

We should avoid all the habits which lead to the formation of wrinkles and degeneration of the healthy skin layers and textures.

Avoid smoking
Sleep well probably 7-8 hours daily
Drink adequate water to hydrate your system
Apply sunscreen on hands also, as we use it on the face, before going out in the sun
Sun protectors prevent ageing and formation of age spots

Nourishing the skin of your hand is the most important step before you go to the bed. It is a sine qua non for a beautiful, young and soft hands.

Apply a thick nourishing cream and a cuticle softening cream
Wear a pair of cotton gloves on it
Leave it overnight for the cream to work on your hands

Just follow this regime for next six-seven (6-7) days and you yourself will be able to notice the difference.


Give your nails a break from nail polishes and give little breathing time to the nails for recovery
Always wear gloves while handling harsh soap and warm water because both are not good for your hands and nails
Every month take some time out to give a mini manicureSoak handsnds.
Soak hands in slightly warm water with lemon juice and little shampoo. Cleanse and scrub your hands and massage it.

The Use-Care Formula

The use of hands is the maximum in the activity of the human being. There is no other alternative also. Then it becomes a simple equation of use and care formula. The more your hands are exposed and used to external forces the more one should concentrate on it to maintain the balance. Thus the importance of holding on to any good beauty habits and regimen comes into the picture. The steps mentioned above are simple and if followed sincerely may reward you with a lovely hands. So do not let this rewards go out of your hands

Written by Hina Alam

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