I know I have been away from my blog for a pretty long time. I have been intermittent on my posts this whole year now as the year is ending i wanted to share with you that i was busy doing the thing which  was close to my heart .I wrote my first novel.


The important  thing I wanted to convey to  you all is regarding my new Novel which has been published just few days back. The title of the novel is ” The Arithmetic of Desires”.  For the last one year I have been involved in writing the novel, corresponding with the publishers, fine tuning the manuscript, complying with the publishers formalities etc.  All these activities have kept me fully loaded and occupied for the last one year. Now after the publication of the book there is little free time to concentrate on my first love…that is blogging.

About My Novel..The Arithmetic of Desires

We humans are sum total of our experiences. we are encouraged, discouraged and influenced  by what we see, hear and imagine. The society and its different layers of permutations and combinations allows us to experience life in all its shades. According to my belief the human stories are the real stories which talks about our various desires. Sometimes our desires are additions, sometimes subtractions and many a times division and multiplication too. My Novel is thus aptly titled ” The Arithmetic of Desires”.

The Gist of the Novel

There is an inherent courage that lies hidden in each one of us and it is the only recourse available to overcome the various situations in our lives. All the characters of this world are mere mortals and their reactions in various situations differ as the time and social constraints change. Human relationships are never perfect and it is our mere belief in a relationship that makes it perfect. People have to be accepted with all their colors. There is no set formula for the perfect partner or a perfect life. Life is to be lived and lived with all its shades. Life is actually “The Arithmetic of Desires”.

I hope my new novel would be able to fulfill the literary taste of all out there. I would request you to find time to read this novel and I can assure you all that you wont be disappointed. This novel is earthly, real and talks about the hope, desires, pains, journey etc of all of us. It would be great if after reading you all can post honest opinions about the book on Amazon. I would be eagerly waiting for you all to connect with me. I wish you all  a wonderful reading ahead.

The Book is available on Amazon

The book is available on Amazon. The amazon link for my book is :


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Written by Hina Alam

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