Get the Complete Look… A month back I had to attend the wedding of a close relative. At that time I realized that for the makeup to be perfect, I […]

Many of the people I know invest a lot of time in finding that perfect dress with sleeves which can hide their upper arms as they feel uncomfortable displaying it. […]

WHY SHEDDING WEIGHT IS CHALLENGING? Shedding weight is a very challenging task. Even for a very strong willed person, it extracts its pound of flesh in terms of persistence and […]

Your Hand care Lies in Your Hand Only The process of aging and sun damages fasten as we grow in years. It is normally seen that after completing thirty, our […]

It’s an Age Old Remedy Using castor oil is an old age remedy for many hair and skin problems. It is a known fact that the ancient Egyptians used it […]

Cysteine Treatment- A Succinct View Hair treatments like hair styles are never short of innovations. Cysteine procedure is the latest in the hair treatment. It is gaining in popularity slowly […]

Keratin Treatment: The Mania Keratin treatment is the hot trend in hair styling. It’s the buzz word around the world. The interest it has generated so far has almost made […]

“If I Walk Outside Without Lipstick, I Feel Naked” Let’s confess it. Most of us can not do without our favourite lipstick and many a times we can not judge […]

Beauty Lies in the Eyes of Those Who Use Eyeliners Placing the right eyeliner accords a very attractive shape and definition to the eyes. Eyeliners not only give the opportunity […]