My Hiatus…A New Love Story Begins First of all my apologies for being out of touch for such a long time but I am sure you will be excited to […]

Obesity is a Real Problem Worldwide High body weight or obesity is the common problem among most of the people all over the world. People try various ways to shed […]

Have You Noticed the First Silver Strand In Your Hair? Probably you are not alone. Many of us start noticing our first gray strands even before we touch thirty. As […]

Around a month back I have started using Saliface face wash. Now as the bottle is about to get finished, I thought of writing a review for the interest and […]

Beetroot, Carrot and Tomato Juice for Flawless Skin Free Radicals Causes Aging It is a well-known fact that junk food, air pollution, stress and exposure to pesticides generate free radicals […]

Hi All, We all know that breakfast is very important as it breaks the overnight fast and replenishes all the essential nutrients. Experts say if you miss your breakfast you […]

Let’s admit it. We all want to look good and presentable but to do so requires physical and mental efforts continuously. Mental effort is important because you have to scientifically […]