Almost all of us have a tough time choosing a hairstyle complementing our dress. For a party or a get-together and many other occasions, we don’t have enough time for elaborate hair styling. More often we don’t want to spend money hiring a hairdresser or going to a parlour. The typical result is that we end up doing our hair in the very same style for all the occasions.

If you want to experiment and look stylish, contemporary and different from the crowd, then here are the five styles for shoulder length hair. These hairstyles you can do at home by yourself and in a very small span of time. The beauty is that these hairstyles have never gone out of fashion so far.

1. Sleek Low Ponytail

The sleek, low ponytail is consistently on the runway. A neatly done low ponytail looks very elegant and goes with almost any kind of outfit. You don’t need to put a huge amount of styling products for such hairdo.Here is the step by step guide.

    Shampoo and blow dry your hair straight and comb into central parting
    Use few drops of Moroccan Oil (Argan oil) or serum on the top and side of hair
    Comb again and secure your hair in low ponytail using a black elastic band
    Don’t tie it too loose or too tight
    To hide the elastic band wrap a small piece of hair around it and secure it with pins.
    Use of hairspray is optional depending on your hair type. If your hair tends to become frizzy quickly, use a hairspray to keep everything in place

2. Silky straight

This silky and straight hairdo is guaranteed to last long if done properly. It gives you a very polished look irrespective of the kind of haircut. In order to achieve that it is very important to get the technique right otherwise, it can be damaging to the hair. Here is the step by step fail proof procedure.

    Shampoo your hair with any sulfate free shampoo. Detangle your hair using a wide comb or bristle brush
    Apply a heat protection serum on your hair and not on your roots. Take a little amount of serum in your palm and rub it. Apply it evenly on your hair
    I prefer to let my hair dry naturally. But if you prefer to blow dry, keep your temperature Further blowum. Further blow dry your hair section wise by carefully using your round brush and pulling the brush away from the head.
    After drying the hair gently straighten the hair after dividing into small sections. Choose smaller sections for best results and always use your straightener one inch away from the root for a voluminous look. Application of shine boosting serum is optional

3. Side braid

You can not go wrong with a simple side braid. This style is really easy and you don’t need a silky and clean hair for it.You can start with dry hair, washed a day before as braids lasts longer on unwashed hair.

    If you feel your hair are too greasy, apply little dry shampoo
    Part your hair, side parting works best. Left or right won’t make much difference
    Pull all your hair to one shoulder and braid to one side. Gather all the hair under one ear
    If the part is made on the right side then ensure that hair is on the left side and vice versa
    Braid your hair and secure with the clear elastic band
    If you tend to wear this style for a long time use of hair spray will help

4. Glam Pouf

Puff hairstyles are easier to do and can instantly raise up your glamor index. Anybody with a little practice can create this style. Here is the step by step guide to creating a perfect pouf.This hairstyle is easier to do when you wash your hair a day before.

    Brush your hair to make it tangle free
    Prefer brushes with natural bristles because these are far softer and cause less breakage
    Take a small front section of the hair and spray the back of this section with the hair spray.
    Tease this section a little bit to create the desired effect for the pouf
    Now gather this section and twist it
    Pin the twist adjusting the pouf of the desired size and you are done
    After you have achieved your desired pouf you can wear the rest of your hair in a side swept pony, a bun or a banana clip. If you have not tried this hairstyle before, then try creating it with the front section of the hair. It is the simplest and the easiest way to do

5. Loose, Soft Curls

Loose, soft curls are perfect for an evening occasion. This hair style if done and accessorized properly can make you look alluring and drop dead gorgeous. These curls look very glamorous for any formal evenings as well as an informal gathering.To achieve this look

Shampoo your hair and apply a heat protectant. Use a Hairspray with flexible hold
Brush and detangle your hair properly
Clip the top layers of your hair using an alligator clip
Take around two-inch sections of your hair and wrap it around the curling wand
Select a wide curling wand for a loose curl
When you have finished curling the bottom layer, use the wand to curl top layers gradually. After that, you run your fingers to lose the curls to give a more natural look
You can finish your look by using a shiny headband or the accessories of your choice to complete the look.
The above five ways will definitely add up to your repertoire of hairstyles. Believe me, it is going to proclaim your fashion statement and cast a bewitching spell on the gathering.

Written by Hina Alam

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