The fashion and style scene is as temporary as the weather but as difficult to predict as the climate. But certain peeks into the lifestyles of icons and the buzz created by their fans gives us a trend to appreciate. Basically catching the trend is difficult in the fashion world yet every writer and blogger attempts it. I too am presenting the Trends 2018 as I visualize it. I request you to just have an entertaining look.
The Long Bob
In past few months, Bob Cut is rocking the fashion scenes. Right from Selena Gomez to Bella Hadid many fashionable beauties are seen in short or long Bob giving a strong feeling that trend is going to rock the fashion scene of 2018. Wait for other fashion icons to slowly wear this hair look as the year closes.
The Full Brows

Eyebrow trends have evolved over a period of time from thread thin to naturally medium thick arched to thicker brows. The new style of thick strong brows are going to stay and this is one trend which will continue in 2018 as well. So ladies Big, Bold and Bushy brows with a little arch are going to walk the runway in the coming year as well.
Clean Dewy Skin

The age of caky makeup and the over-dramatized look is gone. Now the dewy or glowy skin is in with minimal makeup. The world has picked up this trend from Korea and it is becoming increasingly popular among makeup enthusiasts.
Smudged lipstick

Gone are the days of careful application of lip liner and even more careful application of lipstick to give a perfect pout. A casual smudged look is in and it looks pretty cool. Expert opinions say that this carefree natural not made up look is here to stay for coming year as well
Side Parting
Sleek side-parted hair looks pretty neat and was sighted in various runway events in this year. In the expert’s opinion, this trend is going to create its own place among the many enthusiasts. It will stay here in coming year as well
Finally, I would leave it to the wisdom of the readers and the individuals to select their own styles. Any style you are comfortable with would be a style in itself. Yet there is a huge surge to go with the times and be in vogue. So Ladies better watch out the Fashion & Style scenes coming in 2018. You may find some which I have already presented here. Happy Fashion for you.

Written by Hina Alam

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