The Favorite Summer Trends you may be missing.

It is Summer Time

Summer is a time for new insights into our fashion choices. It’s time to experiment and to think differently. This time too like earlier year I decided to pick up few choices. These few choices are the ones which may elevate our fashion and style moods a little higher than usual. A pleasant choices for you all to indulge.

Floral prints

This summer started with lots of floral. This trend is reliable because it gives a cool feeling in hot summer days. At the same time it looks very trendy. Fresh designers from all over the world are experimenting with different kind of floral patterns, big and small, in pastel shades as well as in bright colors

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Yellow color

I would recommend all my friends to experiment with yellow. This color is dominating the fashion scene this year from ramp to red carpets. My personal experience says that it really brighten up your day. It looks great on all skin tones. Choose the shades of yellow that goes well with your skin tone. From lemon yellow to mustard there is a huge array of different shades of yellow.

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Cold shoulder

This is one trend that is rocking the fashion scene this summer and it looks incredibly cool. This is a trend that looks surprisingly great for all the ages

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White is Right

we all associate white with a calm and serene feeling with purity and elegance. Hence this color is never going to go out of fashion. Try teaming up your white shirt with the bottom of the color of your choice for a cool look this summer

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Pastel Nail Colors

Try adding a dash of new colors to your collection of nail paints. Mint green and sky blue are my favorite. Experiment these and I am sure you will not be disappointed by the outcome

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Metallic wedges

Metallic footwear gives an edge to the simple summer look. Add a golden or bronze or silver color. It creates a sort of bling to make you look sharp and edgy.

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Any fashion is an experiment per se. To grow with the time it is always better to think new than be static. So friends, try out the above advises. I assure you that you will not regret.

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