How Few Cups a Day Keeps Your weight Away

Let’s admit it. We all want to look good and presentable but to do so requires physical and mental efforts continuously. Mental effort is important because you have to scientifically plan it for the best of the results so that your physical efforts are in perfect harmony with your goals. Now a days the issues of weight management or obesity control has caught our imaginations as never before. This problem of weight or obesity has simply cut across geography, class, gender and age and has become a pressing problem in healthcare and wellbeing industry. The reasons for the weight issues in populations may vary from genetic factors to faulty food habits (eating junk or processed food) to modern sedentary lifestyles etc.

In the laws of necessity, if the problem becomes monumental, the human intellect seeks solutions and that too in multitudes of ways. In the last couple of years researchers have come up with many natural supplements which can help in speeding up the body metabolism. These supplements are beneficial for overall health in addition to providing weight loss benefits. The Green coffee is one such supplement.

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Most of us either drink tea or coffee and that too several cups each day. Green coffee is boon for all those who consume coffee/tea because it can kick start your day in healthier manner than your earlier traditional ways. The Green coffee contains less caffeine than the black coffee and primarily herein lies its first understandable benefits.

The Green coffee contain many volatile and nonvolatile compounds but it is strongly believed that the so called magic ingredient here is Chlorogenic Acid(CGA). Researchers believe that chlorogenic acid activates the metabolic processes in liver and balances the glucose level in blood and further greatly reduces the effect of free radicals in the body. On the brighter side,unlike other weight reducing supplements, the green coffee is free from any known side effects. Also the green coffee does not work as stimulant and so it will not cause jitters and nervousness in your body. Some recent studies claims to have shown that it reduces the blood pressure also.

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Green coffee is available in almost all major supermarkets and on online as well. On the interesting side it is available in pharma stores in the form of capsules also Few months back I came across the more palatable version of green coffee in a super market. There are two varieties available one is the green coffee and the other is green coffee with probiotics. You can try any of these as both are quite acceptable as far as taste goes.

If someone is considering taking green coffee extract as supplement for weight loss, then they should always remember that results may vary from person to person depending upon your life style .It can aid in your weight loss goal but cannot become the substitute to your physical exercise, balanced diet and proper lifestyle. The green coffee is definitely a step forward towards more healthy habits. If you happen to enjoy a cup of green coffee then don’t forget to post your healthy comments in the space below.

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