Hi All,
I am starting this blog with an aim to create an interactive, informative, fun and addictive space.The reason for starting this blog is basically my love for all beautiful things in life which I want to share with lovely people around.
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Inspirations are the source behind many creations particularly the modifications in the fashion. It’s a daunting task to first recognize that the original can be fine tuned to the current […]

Rules are not made in the heaven Most of the time the rules for women are made by the the prevailing mindset. This particular mindset try to tell the women […]

There are simple formulas for dressing on occasions like dinner outings with friends and with persons of interest. You may as well call it the Rules of the evening dressing. […]

It is Summer Time Summer is a time for new insights into our fashion choices. It’s time to experiment and to think differently. This time too like earlier year I […]

The Convenient Beauty Regime Facial sheet masks are widely used as a regular beauty regime in many Asian cultures. This convenient beauty care regime, some vouch, was first introduced to […]

A very belated Happy New Year to all of you and my sincerest apologies for being away for quite a long long time. I took this sabbatical to finish my […]

Have You Noticed the First Silver Strand In Your Hair? Probably you are not alone. Many of us start noticing our first gray strands even before we touch thirty. As […]

At different points in life, we all face some skin related problems. These problems are generally acne, overtly dry skin, oily skin, blackheads, whiteheads etc. The first thing in our […]

Get the Complete Look… A month back I had to attend the wedding of a close relative. At that time I realized that for the makeup to be perfect, I […]