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I am starting this blog with an aim to create an interactive, informative, fun and addictive space.The reason for starting this blog is basically my love for all beautiful things in life which I want to share with lovely people around.
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Many of the people I know invest a lot of time in finding that perfect dress with sleeves which can hide their upper arms as they feel uncomfortable displaying it. […]

WHY SHEDDING WEIGHT IS CHALLENGING? Shedding weight is a very challenging task. Even for a very strong willed person, it extracts its pound of flesh in terms of persistence and […]

Moisturizing- The Basic Step We all are familiar with the basic steps of skin care like cleansing, moisturizing and toning. But among the three basic steps, the moisturizing part is […]

Avene Anti wrinkle concentrate It’s Almost an Eraser Today I am going to review a product which works as an eraser for the early signs of wrinkles for the mature […]

Around a month back I have started using Saliface face wash. Now as the bottle is about to get finished, I thought of writing a review for the interest and […]

Shalwar-Kameez : Traditional but Modernized Shalwar-kameez is one of the most popular wear in India and Pakistan. In India it was a traditional wear in Punjab and in the western […]

Why Sunblock is Essential Sunblock is perhaps the most important way for protecting our skin from the sun related damages. It is an anti aging material also. Sun rays can […]

As We Age… As we age, our skin goes through many changes. Skin becomes thin and less plump. It loses its regenerative capacity because of less blood circulation. Wrinkles start […]

Your Hand care Lies in Your Hand Only The process of aging and sun damages fasten as we grow in years. It is normally seen that after completing thirty, our […]