The Entrepreneurs fashion and their Styles

Global Entrepreneurs Summit (GES), 2017

Global Entrepreneurs Summit (GES) Summit, 2017 was held at Hyderabad in India. Hyderabad is affectionately known as the pearl city of India for its wide and unique variety of pearls. This GES Summit was attended by both Indian Prime Minister Mr. Modi and Ms. Ivanka Trump, Adviser to US President. There were delegates from almost 150 + countries to discuss ideas, innovations, and business. Going by the momentous response and the volume of the crowd on the ground it looked actually like a Global Village. No doubt about it. This GES 2017 was a roaring success.

I  attended the summit to connect with the latest ideas and innovations in various fields. But my eye also caught the fashion scenes at the summit. The participants from different countries represented different fashion and styles and it looked absolutely marvelous.  The blogger in me just could not resist the temptations to capture the occasion. The different fashion almost represented a Global ramp to be very precise. I have interacted and collected few photos from few individuals I could meet. They were so helpful to talk and discuss their fashion interests and preferences. I have tried to present few such styles from the GES. Though I cannot call it exhaustive yet it serves the purpose to highlight the world fashion scene on the ground.

Inspiring and Stylish Businesswomen from the different parts of the world

Met Isabel Kim from South Korea who was looking so fresh and energetic. She is working in the United States in the field of education. I liked her white blazer over a floral dress.

Tracee in all white attire and a camel-colored backpack looked elegant. she is a fashion designer from  Costa Rica. apart from being a designer, she is a very successful businesswoman. Felt  Happy to meet a dynamic personality.