How to get a Perfect Skin in Winter 100% Naturally

The Magic of Coconut Oil 

Use 100% natural coconut oil preferably extra virgin and add few of the vitamin E capsules in it. Apply the oil every night before going to bed to get a glowing skin in the morning. I use two vitamin E capsules for every tablespoonful of oil.   


Shea Butter at Night 

Use natural Shea butter at night on very dry areas of your skin (hands/feet) before going to bed to get a hydrated smooth skin in the morning. Shea butter has natural soothing and moisturizing properties. It heals as it hydrates.


The Three Mixture 

Glycerin, Rose water and Lemon juice is an age old remedy. It has to be applied in the night  to get a clear, moisturized and hydrated  skin in the morning. All  these three combined works wonder as this functions as the cleanser, moisturizer as well as toner in one single mixture