My favorite brand of contemporary Indian wear - Raw Mango

If you are a hand loom lover and still have not heard or worn from the brand Raw Mango, you are definitely missing something in your wardrobe.  This brand is started by designer Sanjay Garg.  It is a brand which truly represent contemporary handwoven Indian textiles which are weaved  using various traditional techniques. The brand employs around 450 craftsman who create master pieces.


Each garment created by Raw Mango is a representation of the Indian art, craft and culture.The brand has received lots of appreciation from all quarters. Many celebrities have endorsed and worn this brand. Each piece it seems is  created with lots of attention and represents the Indian textile in its best wearable form .They have created beautiful saris with muted as well as vibrant hues. There are  Lovely Lehengas, sophisticated organza odhnis, jackets as well as Kurta Pajama sets .
Though all of their creation is drool worthy here I am presenting the pictures of few of the beautiful pieces which i liked a lot .