Simple Tips to get the best out of your Ikkat Fabrics




If you are not aware what Ikkat fabric is, I will give you a brief introduction. Ikkat or Ikat is a resist dyeing technique of the textile. It is a complex dyeing technique where the yarn is tightly tied where the color is not required and loosened where dyeing is required. The technique becomes further complicated when multiple colors are added to it. Despite the complex nature of the dyeing technique, Ikkat has developed independently in various parts of the world and known by different names.  In India, Ikkat fabric is made in Gujarat, Telangana, Orissa etc. The pattern produced is different at different places


Ikat jackets are very comfortable and gives an elegant look to the whole style quotient of the wearer.


Ikat kurtas are the best work wear in the Indian weather. It provides comfort and style both at the same time.


Ikat Maxi dresses are extremely comfortable and give both a formal as well as a casual look. A wearer's delight.


Ikat Skirts  looks extremely contemporary if teamed up with a solid colored top. It provides a lot of options to the fashion conscious young people.