Black Magic for Your Skin

At different points in life, we all face some skin related problems. These problems are generally acne, overtly dry skin, oily skin, blackheads, whiteheads etc.  The first thing in our skin care routine is cleansing. This aspect of skin care is easier said than done. It is so because it requires the correct soap/cleanser, consistency in approach and regular reviews.

Generally, the cleansers are available locally in stores in plenty. But the common features of all these soaps are that they may contain lots of chemical additives, can be very harsh for the skin, etc. This approach to skin care with general soaps is very rudimentary. The approach to skin care should be such that  it becomes an integral  part of our overall health care. We should not compromise on it. Keeping all these issues in mind, I decided to hunt for a cleanser which is  natural, does not dry the skin, and with the least of chemical preservatives. Finally, I could lay my hands on a particular category of soap/cleanser which goes by the name of Black Soap.

 What is a black soap?

Black soap is an all natural cleanser which has many more other benefits in addition to cleansing.  It originated in Africa, but over a period of time  different tribes have adopted their own specific ways of preparing it. These tribes have their own  blend of raw material and oils and they use their own specific saponification  techniques. Hence,  there is  so much of the variation in the colors, look and feel  of the black soaps.


   Why is Black  Soap  is Different?

The black soap is different from other soaps because of its different Lye. In the  case of almost all the normal  soaps, the lye used for saponification process is sodium hydroxide but in black soap the Lye used is potassium carbonate. This particular Lye is derived from plant ashes and is considered to be very gentle on the skin compared to sodium hydroxide. The process of preparation of black soap is very traditional and time -consuming. The recipe of the soap making is generally handed over from one generation to the other generation.

 Medicinal Properties

Black soap inherently contains vitamin A, C and E from the natural sources. People who are sensitive to caffeine should use it with caution as cocoa pods are one of the ingredients used in black soap.

  Where to Get It?

It is available at online stores in various varieties. It varies from authentic  black African soap with a natural scent of ingredients to little- modified versions with different kinds of scents. The non -traditional varieties contain added ingredients also.

  Special Qualities of a Black Soap

 It is suitable for oily and acne prone skin because 

  • It deep cleanses the skin. 
  • Unclog the pores. 
  • Rehydrates the skin without stimulating more oil secretion.
  •  Has very mild exfoliating properties.

It is good for dry skin because 

  • It provides the proper moisture balance of the skin apart from cleaning. 
  • Shea butter and coconut oil helps to smooth out the wrinkles.
  • It hydrates  the skin. 
  • Has skin calming and anti -inflammatory properties.

    General Qualities of a Black Soap

  • It evens the skin tone and reduces the sun damage.
  • It is very gentle and can be used for babies 
  • For the  aged people also its effects are very soothing as it does not irritate the skin.
  • Works as a gentle cleanser for hair.

I have used it for some time  and I am impressed by the results. I ordered mine  from Amazon and it took almost two (2) weeks to arrive because it was  not available in India at that time. Also, it is not readily available in local markets in countries other than its origin countries. If it is available in your country you should  first smell and feel it for suitability before making a purchase.

So next time when you have to buy a cleanser or face wash, give it a try and I am sure it will not disappoint you

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