Must do Skincare Routines for party goers

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The Simple Skin Care Formula

For all the party animals, who love to just do it every other day, keeping the skin healthy, fresh and appealing is no less than a monumental challenge. It’s an open secret that we all girls love to dress up and apply makeup for the parties. But it is equally true also that post party, we are too seriously tired to attend to its procedural clean up formalities. More so, most of us do not completely know the formalities also.This post simplifies those complex post party clean up transactions. Here is a step by step guide to tidy, pamper and nourish your skin post party without investing much time. So that for the next party you glow like a diamond

Clean it up

Removing makeup after the party is a must for a healthy and glowing skin.

  • Start the process with the removal of your eye and lip makeup first.
  • Eye makeup is best removed by using a blend of coconut and olive oil or the baby oil.
  • This is not only useful for removal of makeup, but also advantageous for the nourishment of eyelashes.
  • Removing makeup with oil works best for waterproof makeup (waterproof mascara and eyeliners).
  • Keep a blend of oil and sterilized cotton ready as a makeup remover.
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Petroleum jelly works best for removing makeup from your lips.

  • Dab a little on your lips
  • leave it on for a few seconds
  • gently wipe it using a cotton pad.

After removing your lip and eye makeup, now do it for the face.

  • use an oil blend or your favorite makeup remover to clean your face.
  • You can add a few drops of tea tree oil in your oil blend to prevent the breakouts.
  • After removing all the traces of the makeup by using oil or water based remover, use any face wash of your choice to get rid of oil residues completely.
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Exfoliation is an important part. Gentle exfoliation after the removal of makeup is required every third day. You can use coarsely ground walnut along with the yogurt for exfoliation. This leaves the skin squeaky clean, bright with a healthy glow.

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Tone it up

Toners are most helpful and necessary for the people with oily and acne prone skin. Also for those people who wear heavy makeup and thus require extra cleaning. Toners cleanse the skin, shrinks the pores, balances the pH, moisturizes and refreshes it at the end. Spray some cold rose water or green tea water to face to tighten up the pores and to make the toner effect work better. Let your skin breathe for some time.

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Nourish it

You can pep up the tired skin by giving a quick massage. It is advisable to use a nourishing cream for dry skin and an Aloe Vera gel for an oily skin. You can apply the pack afterward. A gentle facial massage with essential oils can work wonders, depending on your skin type.

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Must Do Habits

Apart from the above post-party requirements and rituals, there are two other essential Must Do habits one must inculcate to reap more benefits out of the above procedures. These two habits are for everyday and everybody.


Two third of our body is actually made up of water and this simply implies that water is essential for normal functioning of all organs of the body. It is equally true for our skin also. It is an accepted fact that our skin wrinkle faster without water. Hydrated skin looks plump and youthful.

Drink lots of water to cleanse and detoxify the body. Try to consume fruits with water content like cucumber, watermelon, strawberry etc.

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Adequate Sleep

One of the major problems of this technological era is the lack of sleep among the majority of populations. If you want to look gorgeous for years or even for the next party, then try to catch up with some sleep. Sleep is considered as a fountain of youthful and beautiful looks. According to experts if you are sleeping 7 to 9 hours during the night, you are providing ample time to your body for repair and renovation. But if you are sleeping less than 6 hours, it is likely to affect your entire health and more so particularly your facial appearance. The main reason being less blood flow in the skin around your face. Less sleep makes your skin look dull and pale. Don’t forget to apply some overnight nourishing cream for a dewy glow in the morning.

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So you all beautiful readers, if you can follow these small steps, it guarantees your skin a shiny and a glowing outcome. Go out and party harder and feel the joy of your skin looking smarter.

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