The Proven One
Vitamin A is one proven ingredient to reverse the ageing process. Recently one of my dermatologist friend suggested a vitamin- A- cream. This cream comes in a very interesting packaging if you have a look at the pictures. I started using it and after using it for a month I found the results to be a little impressive.Then I immediately thought of reviewing it for the benefit of all as is my wont.
It is produced by Dr Reddy’s laboratories and is in creamy gel form. It is packed in a 28 veggie caps with each cap containing around 0.5 ml of Vitamin A gel.
What It Claims
The product claims to rejuvenate the ageing skin and to protect the skin against the sun damages.
How I felt about the product
After using this product for about a month I can say that this is one of the promising retinol product in its category. It’s consistency is like gel and after application it does not feel heavy on the skin. I have applied it before going to sleep, as suggested by my doctor, and it acts whole night.
I have listed few brighter as well as not so brighter side of the products based on my own understandings and experience.
The Brighter side
Very intelligent packing
It does not expose the vitamins to the atmosphere to preserve the efficiency
It is in the form of creamy gel, non-oily and spreads very easily
Does not feel heavy on the skin
Removes fine lines and age spots effectively
Very hygienic packaging for every application
It is free from colouring agents, perfumes and preservatives.
The Other Side
It is expensive to use it for the longer period of time.
There is no time limit by which your desired results will come. Hence to achieve your standards you need to continue to do so.
A word of caution
When using any of the retinol product use of sun screen is very important. Do not use this product during the day because it tends to make the skin photosensitive. Never apply it to the areas around the eyes and the mouth because it might lead to skin irritation around it. Further always consult your doctor before using it as the doctor would be in a better position to understand your skin and its complexities. if your skin is sensitive to retinol then refrain from using it.

Written by Hina Alam

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