Hand Made Soaps
Today I decided to write about the benefits of hand made soap. Commercial soap might lather well, smell well but in most of the cases these soaps are prepared by several chemicals. It cannot beat the benefits of hand made soaps where we can add superior quality ingredients according to our choice.
Home Based Ingredients

This weak I learned the art of soap making and prepared few soaps with my choice of ingredients like oatmeal, honey and argon oil. The process took little time but every second was worth investing. I ended up making few gorgeous customized soap bars which were far more better than the commercial soaps available in the market.
Go Organic

I used the organic goat milk soap base for the soaps I made. But you can choose from many other bases available in the market like camel milk soap base, glycerin soap base etc. After heating it up in a double boiler, I added the ingredients of my choice to different variety of soaps.

Like oatmeal honey soap

Flower soap with rose petal powder and rose hip oil

Lavender soap with lavender essential oil
The Gifts

I gifted few to my friends and they were all very happy with the results

Handmade soap leaves the skin soft, shiny and nurtured. It never makes you feel dry and tight as after using commercial soaps.

Written by Hina Alam

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