How Wrist watches reveal your Style

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Watch it Out

We know classics never go out of style and fashion. The same is true for the watches. Watches are the classic beauties which can be worn nearly everywhere and anytime.

Humans have relied on watches for keeping tab of time since ages. Not long ago, it was counted as an important scientific gadgetry. Also no wardrobe accessories nor any style statements were complete without it in those days.
Still in the age of smart phones, it has not lost its charm. Nowadays, with lots of options, varieties and price affordability available, people are using wrist watch more as a style statement and as a fashion accessory. This is the reason behind the huge market for wrist watches for both men and women.

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Why Watches are Still in Vogue

Despite the invention of many smart gadgets, watches are irreplaceable because of

  • History and aristocracy
  • Nostalgia
  • Family traditions
  • Fashion and style accessories
  • Use as a jewelry item

Tips for Selecting Watches

These are certain tips which will help you in the selection of a perfect watch.

  • Always select a proportionate watch.
  • General rule is that a big dial and a big band are for bigger woman with a broader wrist. A small dial and a smaller band complement a petite women with a small wrist.
  • While selecting a watch, always opt for those models of the brands which are more popular and successful. I would advise you to do a little research on the brand.
  • If you are buying a watch with a strap of leather or silicon, always go for the one which has an option of interchangeable strap.
  • Don’t pick a piece which is too loud or too dull. Perfect balance is the key.
  • Too loud and raucous watches may completely dominate the look and can grab all the attention making you look dull.
  • A very dull piece might not give you the glance and gaze you are looking for.
  • Always select the watch which is comfortable on your skin.

Watches for Different Occasions

Here I am suggesting few of watch styles which can be used on different occasions and are pretty helpful in making you look stylish and elegant.

Metal Band Watches

This is the most popular variety of watches available nowadays. There are four basic colors of metals like gold, silver, black and rose gold. These can be in single metal or in two kinds of metals. It is always advisable to choose the metal band which can go with the variety of outfits. The metal band watches are suitable for both formal as well as informal occasions. A very convenient way to update our style statements.

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Bracelet Watches

Bracelet watches come handy when you want to complete your look by adding just one accessory. There is a huge variety available in the market. It adds the desired bling factor to your outfit as these watches are designed with pearls and gemstones. Watches of these types are most suitable for evening party wear. But can be used for any occasions and with any other kind of outfits to add the desired bling.

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Leather and Silicon Band Watches

Such watches were more popular in the olden times. As the name indicates, it comes with a rubber silicone or leather strap. The strap might be permanently attached or interchangeable. Interchangeable straps come in different variety of colors to match your outfits. So choose one according to your style.

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Sports Watches

Sports watches usually don’t come in smaller dial sizes. These are normally lightweight and come with lots of sports related features like timers, compasses and water resistant features. Best occasions for wearing sports watches are while working outdoors or while playing any sports.

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Chronograph Watches

Chronograph watches are a special type of watches with a combined function of a stopwatch and a display watch. These watches may have a single or multiple hands to measure seconds, minutes and hours. Generally, such watches are beautiful fusion of style as well as functionality. If selected carefully, these watches can make a powerful fashion effect.

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Good Watches Not Only Shows Time But Happy Times

Whenever you decide to select a watch, remember the fact that it is going to be more than your timekeeper. In factthese products may reveal a lot about your personality and grace. Good watches are a guarantee for your happy times.

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