Beauty Lies in the Eyes of Those Who Use Eyeliners

Placing the right eyeliner accords a very attractive shape and definition to the eyes. Eyeliners not only give the opportunity to change the shape of the eyes but also helps in accentuating the lashes in the case of the sparse lash line. It has the potential to augment the overall look of the eyes.

Settling an eyeliner in the right way is a serious task and requires some effort and practice to master the skills. I am adding a few tips and tricks to make your work smooth and uncomplicated. More importantly, it will make your eyes the darling of all the eyes.

Choose the Right One

There are typically four types of eyeliners available in the market.

The Pencil Eyeliners

There are a whole variety of pencil eyeliners available in the market. These are the far easier option to apply. Pencil eyeliners have less lingering power and tend to smudge, but if applied along with an eye shadow, it can give a long lasting effect.

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Gel Eyeliners

It comes in a small jar and has to be applied with the brush. With a good brush and with a little practice you can give a dramatic transformation to the eyes. These eyeliners are less prone to smudging and give excellent Color. Texture wise gel eyeliners are smooth and easy to apply.

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Powder Eyeliners

Powder eyeliners are less common in the market. If you have a deeply pigmented eyeshadow it works equally well. It is used to give a smudged look and especially useful if you want to create a smoky gaze.

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Liquid Eyeliners

Liquid eyeliners come in two forms.Felt Tip Eyeliner which acts similar to a sketch pen wherein the liquid goes into the tip just like the ink of a sketch pen. Hence it allows only limited amount of eyeliner to go into the tip and there is no chance of dripping.

Dip Brush Eyeliner comes in small bottles and the brush has to be dipped into the bottle in between applications.

Choose any of these depending upon your need and expertise.

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How to Apply the Liquid Eyeliner

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Applying liquid eyeliner is a real struggle we all are quite familiar with. It is almost an art that has to be mastered with time, patience and practice. Here is a step by step guide for uninitiated.

  • The first step is preparing your eyelids for the application of liner as eyeliner smudges very easily.
  • Since eyelids are the most greasiestpart of the face and if you want a neat and long lasting finish, then prepare your eyelids by applying a primer meant for eyelid application.
  • If you are heading for a party, apply the eyeliner after the eyeshadow application and before mascara application.
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  • Look straight into the mirror and tilt your head back a little bit. This will expose your eyelids by partially closing your eyes. Now pull the corner of your eyelid to make it tighter.
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  • Now apply dots of eyeliner on your upper lid and connect these dots to make a perfect line.
  • The second method is to start from the middle of the upper lid and draw a line outwards. Later on, start from the inner corner of the eyelid and join the line to the middle.
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  • For bottom lid, many prefer not to apply any liner. Some prefer to apply liner on the outer half of the bottom lid. But if you wish to apply on the whole bottom lid, draw a line along the whole bottom lid as you did for the upper lid. Always remember that for the bottom, less is considered more.
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  • Choose a waterproof gel eyeliner for the lower lid for a long lasting look. Experts advise keeping top liner, three (3) times thicker than the bottom lines.
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  • The top and the bottom line of the eyeliner on the outer corner of the eye for a more natural look.
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  • Remember that if you use eyeliner on both the lids it gives a very dramatic look. But using a softer lighter color on the bottom line gives you a really soft and feminine look .
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  • The same technique is used for the pencil, powder as well as the gel eyeliners.
  • Use blotting paper on your eyelids to maintain the finish without smudging the line.

Your Eyes Will Speak…

As i mentioned earlier, this is a serious task and needs concentration. With practice and regularity, the effect will be distinct and tremendous. Everybody will love it. Then your eyes will speak a thousand words.

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