Five of my Favorite Style of Bags

Hi Friends,

Today’s post is all about my love for bags.To be precise  all of us envy beautiful bags.  Isn’t it!!

We can never have enough of the bags. We want bags in all the possible styles and colors with penchant for seasonal considerations also.

Today I would like to  suggest five different style of bags which will make you look stylish on all different occasions.

Tote Bags

Tote bags are big bags and can accommodate almost everything of daily usage you desire. While buying it go for a classy color to match with different kind of outfits. It can be carried to work and for shopping also.  It presents a very useful style and a must have for everyone.

Hobo Bags

Hobo Bags are  typically large and slouchy and it  is typically carried on shoulder by a large strap usually made up of soft and flexible material and are crescent shaped when carried.These bags have large and wide openings, very easy to use and can  accommodate lots of personal stuffs.

Sling Bags

 Sling Bags are typically with a sling and come in various sizes. The slings can be a metallic chain. Often the smaller ones are suitable for casual outings where as big ones are very functional for work. These can be all leather or synthetic leather or cloth. The Chanel flap bag with a sling is very classy and a favorite of many connoisseur.


Satchels bags come in different shapes and can come with or without a slings. Mostly these can be in rectangular or square shapes. A colorful medium sized and nicely structured satchel bags can add lot of style to even a simple outfit.

Clutch Bags

As the name indicates the clutch bags are normally carried as an accessory. It can be an envelope clutch or a box clutch.An envelope clutch may be an all leather soft clutch or in designed silk clutch. The box clutches come in variety of designs and can be wooden, fiber, silk over a wooden frame, all leather etc  .Clutch bags can  accommodate only few essentials. Hence it is  suggested to have  one classy gold clutch which can go with many things.


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