How to Look Stylish Without Crossing Your Red Line.

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We are all blessed with different kinds of body shapes which are quite unique to every individual. But generally and casually we classify it as slim, not slim, curvaceous etc. But no matter what kind of body shapes we have, still all of us have certain body image issues. Almost all of us feel that we still require certain additions or deductions in our body shapes to appear more convincing. Researchers say that almost everybody would like to change some or the other things about their bodies. Our fashion and dressing style are very much affected by what we feel about our own body.
Many of us are not comfortable experimenting with dress and styles which allow skin exposure beyond the self-imposed red line. This is based mostly on our perceptions regarding our own body shapes. Cultural and religious aspirations also have a huge influence.

The Misconception

There is a huge misconception that modest dressing means less style and obsolete fashion. But the truth is actually opposite. There are a wide variety of stylish and fashionable ways of dressing up which can make you look absolutely stunning yet not compromise on your chosen red line.
Choosing a dress which will only reveal as much as you want yet make you look stylish needs a little bit of attention. It requires a little imagination, thinking, and creativity. Here I am including a few of my ideas to make your work easier.

Buy What You Need

Buying one sleeveless shirt and then layering it with something with full sleeves will make you wear two in place of one.

At the same time would be difficult during warm days.
Instead, buy something like a full sleeves tunic top or loose top made up of fabric which is not see through
Always pay much attention to fitting details.
It should not be too clingy and tight to reveal each and every bulge of your body.
Rather go for slightly loose fit which allows your skin to breathe and makes you feel comfortable.
While doing shopping sometimes we buy stuff which needs layering to be done underneath. Or else which later on is not fit according to our style of dressing. My advice here is not to rush into impulsive shopping but go for the thing which you actually want.

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Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are the right choice which can make you look feminine, modest and at the same time drop dead gorgeous. Maxi dresses are perfect for any season be it summer or winter.
You have to choose the fabric according to the season. It is comfortable and loose.Looks trendy and great.If you have a sleeveless maxi dress, you can choose to wear cardigan or shrug over it.

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A Well Fitted Shirt

Try to find a suitable, versatile and well-fitted shirt .It should be breathable and lightweight fabric .You can style the shirt in endless ways to get a stylish as well a decent look.
It can be worn with palazzo pants or can be teamed up with maxi skirts as well. Needless to say, it goes very well with trousers and denim also.

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Maxi Skirts

Because of its length, maxi skirts are ideal if you want to look stylish and modest at the same time. You can team it up with a variety of tops and shirts to create a look of your choice .
Maxi skirts provide ample coverage and in past few years, it has gained ample popularity .It is available everywhere and you don’t have to get it custom made. Maxi dress is a versatile piece of clothing. You can change your look just by changing the top.
Maxi skirts come in a variety of fabrics. You can choose one according to your body type .If you happen to choose a skirt in jersey fabric, make sure it is not too tight or clingy. If it is too clingy it might show the details of your inner wear . Instead, choose a skirt which is little loose and a fabric with a nice fall.

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Cardigans are a must and a more versatile piece of clothing. Cardigans are multi-purpose in function and really useful if you want to cover your arms. Long cardigans can cover from the behind.
Short cardigans are especially useful for maxi dresses where you don’t need much of the coverings on your backside. If chosen wisely they don’t overpower the dresses and give the good arm coverage at the same time.
Long cardigans or Maxi cardigans are long and provides maximum coverage. Since these cardigans are thin and flowy, they don’t add much bulk to the outfit but at the same time give a smart look.

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Many times we come across a T-shirt which is too pretty to resist. But wearing a well-fitted t-shirt comes with its own set of challenges for different kinds body shapes. For instance, girls with heavier upper bodies find those T-shirts too awkward and forced. The style just doesn’t look natural. The solution lies in your selection of T-shirt. Never go for a size which is too loose or which is too small. Always go for a size which is a right fit. If you want to keep it modest and elegant, opt for T-shirts with full sleeves with slight loose fit.

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A very simple formula for normal yet stylish dressing is…when in doubt wear a scarf.
At times, we are conscious about the fitting of our clothing on the bust. We avoid wearing few tops, T-shirts as well as dresses because it is not comfortable with its fitting on the bust. With a lovely matching scarf, we can wear all those dresses and even make a few style statements as well.

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The Key is….

The key to dressing smart and attractive is not leaving very little to the imagination but more about suiting your body structure. It is always advisable to use our imaginations to look trendy and relevant irrespective of the body shapes. The best fashion and style is the one that looks good on you.

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