Hug Your Shrugs. How to Transform Yourself into a Gorgeous You.

Many of the people I know invest a lot of time in finding that perfect dress with sleeves which can hide their upper arms as they feel uncomfortable displaying it. More often than not we keep finding ways and means to hide the upper arms portion from the gaze. Many of the gowns and cocktail dresses which we want to wear frequently are either sleeveless or backless or off shoulder. This is a big predicament.

This post is about how we can wear our favorite sleeveless dresses and even make these attires look graceful by using shrugs.

Shrugs are invariably versatile and works well for both summer and winter seasons. In summer it can be used for covering the shoulders and also for concealing your upper arms if you are wearing spaghetti straps or deep cut sleeveless dresses. Interestingly in winter this style provides adequate warmth and comfort if the fabric is chosen correctly. Needless to say this attire also functions as a great cover-up for most of our outfits without even disturbing it, if worn properly.

This one piece of clothing should definitely find a place in your wardrobe. Recently when I had a look in the market, I found it is flooded with varieties of shrug cardigans in different styles, fabrics and shapes.

Today I am highlighting different type of shrugs and more importantly on how to team it up with various kind of outfits to raise your glamour quotient.

Long shrugs are available in variety of fabrics including jersey, cotton, nylon mixed cotton and woolen. You can choose from plain to printed depending upon your choices.

It is a simple technique to add zing and trait to any of your regular garb.

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Short well fitted shrugs align best with the long maxi dresses or midis.One alluring aspect about short shrugs. It enhances the beauty of the dress you are wearing and boosts the poise and grace in you.

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Their length normally goes up to the waistline. Due to its availability in variety of cuts the choice options are not a problem. Personally I feel that it adorns well with jeans and tank tops.

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There are few things which are never out of style. Laces are one of them. A superb effect is created when it coordinates with delicate fabrics like silk and satin. An exquisite lace shrug has the charming power to transform any mundane outfit, like a slip dress, almost into a haute couture.

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Sometime there is an uncanny feeling that the dress you are wearing is probably too simple to merit a consideration for a party wear. At those odd moments, the Bling shrugs can add glamour and value to your costume. And yes it does cover-up your desired and preferred areas.

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Honestly I feel that the shrugs places itself comfortably on all the body types. So what are you waiting for? Revamp yourself into a gorgeous you. Happy Shrugs Day.

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