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Do you remember the famous advertisement of Amul chocolates of the 80’s. protagonist (the child) in the advertisement says that he is too old to do a certain thing and also too young for the other particular thing. But the second protagonist (his mother) says he is perfect for an Amul chocolate. Yes, it shows the dilemma we all are in certain times of our life. The same dilemma is known to increase proportionally and progressively when it comes to making a choice for ourselves on matter of personal fashion and style.

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The Macro Dilemma

These are broader and wide apprehensions which circulates the mind. Basically, it is a group influenced anxiety concerning the individual. Such lists may be long, but if observed closely it actually talks about

  • What to wear on a particular occasion
  • How to wear it
  • How to carry it comfortably
  • Is it in vogue
  • Will i be the odd person out
  • Will it suit my age

In my opinion the macro dilemma is basically the Fashion Dilemma of an individual as it is group conscious and is based on relevancy(vogue) of the attire.

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The Micro Dilemma

After satisfying our consciousness of the kind, the same mind zooms in to cogitate on the intricate aspects of our style. To have an idea you can sample the list below.

  • Is it too tight for my body shape
  • Do the funky hair colors give a fake and unrealistic impression of a teenager
  • Am I too old for this type of Sneakers
  • Is the color of the dress too outrageous
  • Does this outfit represent too much experimenting
  • Am I overdoing it

To me this micro dilemma represents the Style Dilemma of the whole issue as it is very individual based and also intricate.

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The Upgrade Principle

These and many such apprehensions are a normal wont of any conscious individuals. Most particularly the notion that behaving your age in matters of fashion and style is a little bit complex. Though theoretically anyone can wear any dress but the bottom line remains that it should enhance and upgrade your fashion and styles. It should make you appear and look much better progressively on every new attempt.

The Simple Solution

To wriggle out of such situations it is prudent to concentrate on the three below aspects before going for any fashion and style makeover.

  • At the first glance, does it look good on me?
  • At the second glance, does it make me look a little more stylish?
  • At the third glance, am I comfortable in it?
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The Layman’s Litmus Test

These above three simple solutions for me are the Layman’s Litmus Test. One has to undertake it day in and day out to defeat the dilemmas. And believe me it is a scientific way. Like in the Amul advertisement there must be someone to let us know that this particular dress is perfect for you or not. But such friendly guides are not always found. The permanent solution is the scientific approach to get the same result. One can use the Layman’s litmus test every day and every time to arrive at a more informed and articulated decision on matters of your fashion and style. And let me tell you that looking good is a mixture of art and science. The proportions can be according to your taste and requirements. Have a good looks day.

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