Reinvent yourself you are never too old to experiment

Rules are not made in the heaven

Most of the time the rules for women are made by the the prevailing mindset. This particular mindset try to tell the women what to wear, how to live and above all how to behave according to their age. I would like to highlight certain typical comments by people regarding the women fashion and style and how it should be conveniently ignored. It is the individual alone who decides what to wear according to their tastes. We should be rational enough to counter these negative comments by treating ourselves to more style, fashion and grace.

It Should Flatter You

We often hear the clamour that do not wear anything too tight to reveal your figure. The best advise is to use the clothing which fits you, makes you feel happy and ultimately flatters your body type.

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Colour is Life

A perpetual suggestion one receives is regarding colouring the hair. “Do not get your hair coloured in funky Colours as you are no more a teenager” is an often heard dictates. Never forget that experiments are vitamins of happy life. My advice here is to experiment with all those colours which make you feel younger and gives a fresh look to your outlook.

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Age is in the Mind

Sometimes, many of us must have heard this comment. “Sneakers look good only on young people. You are too old for this”. No way. Sneakers are the most suitable for those who swear by comfortable shoes in their feet. Let me add that sneakers go well with almost anything. So get inspired and indulge

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Do Not Heed the Spoilers

If women start paying heed to the spoilers, many would suggest them to sober down their dressing sense. Sober is a very wide and relative concept which can be decided only by the wearer. So dress up and make the heads turn .

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Rediscover Yourself

“Do not try anything new. Do not experiment new things because new things are for the new generations. You are too old to experiment”. These are some of the perceptions which prevents you from discovering yourself anew. It is essential to ignore all such myths. Change is the only permanent thing in existence. It brings newness into the mundane life. I think this picture would say more than what I want to say

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Footwear goals
Never shy away from getting a pair of footwear which you thought is not suitable for your age. My suggestion is to enjoy the experiments. You are never too old for anything. I hope this picture inspires one and all.

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You are Your Own Best Judge

Many have an opinion that all haircuts are not suitable for all ages. Actually you are your own best judge. My simple advice is to keep changing your hair cuts because change is interesting. You never know that you may be one haircut away from your best look. Here is the inspiration friends.

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Reinvest in Yourself

For all those who feel that they are ageing, I think that this is the best stage of your life to invest time in yourself. Do things exclusively for yourself to reincarnate your style quotient. It may be the time to rediscover your beauty and intellect once again. The underlying idea is to experiment with fashion and styles you were very scared to try before.

Age and Experience is Actually a Power

More often than not we forget to use the power which age and experience bestows on us. Do not misunderstand this power as a hurdle which holds you back from your own self. Let us use the wisdom of age and experience to look and do the things differently. I bet you will feel the positive change. Our age provides us a kind of liberation and wisdom which dilutes away most of our insecurities. Why not get benefitted from the experiences of our own journeys. The best we can do is to not hold ourselves back from new vistas of life. Our life passes in a jiffy and there are too many things to do in such a short existence. Even then if you give the command of such a short life to others then it becomes a fact that you have not lived at all. You are never too old to do anything.

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