We All Love Sarees

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There is no denying the fact that we all love Sarees. Sarees have a huge fan following in the Indian subcontinent as well as outside it. Over a period of time, all the saree lovers have quite a few collections of their own. But as the trend changes we all want to try new things and used sarees are stacked up in some corners of the wardrobe. Whenever our eyes fall on those prized possessions, our heart spontaneously wishes to productively utilize them someday. We all have those pieces which are too expensive, beautiful and emotionally laced to be discarded but seems too old-fashioned to wear it also. The dilemma is the pre-requisite for innovations may I say.

Sarees Are Forever

With a little effort, you can change your old Sarees to a very contemporary and fashionable wear . Today I am sharing a few practical ideas which are easy to implement and will certainly upscale your Sarees into items which are functional and purposeful.

  • Take out the old stocks
  • Keep everything together
  • Plan, what best you can do with it

Contemporary Designer Lehenga

If you have an old expensive silk brocade Saree or a plain silk Saree, you can transform it into a lovely Lehenga to wear it for any family function or wedding celebration.Two Sarees can be used for contrast matching. If you have a beautiful brocade saree you can get a Lehenga stitched by your tailor and the Top and the Dupatta can be matched withsame or contrast shades. Otherwise, you can get the Top and the Dupatta stitched from that saree and get a plain Lehenga made. Both of the styles will rock.

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Skirts with Crop Tops

You can utilize your old sarees by converting it into a skirt and a crop top set. The crop top and the skirt set look very stylish. These high fashion matching sets can cost you big bucks from any designer stores. Sometimes you can just simply get a very stylish skirt made and use it with any ready-made crop top. This looks awesome.

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Jazz in Jackets

Ask yourtailor if he can transform your sarees into a fashionable long jacket which can be teamed up with a variety of bottoms. The Jackets if well fitted can make you look regal and you are sure to receive loads of accolades.

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Silk Palazzo Pants

Palazzo pants are wide legged pants with incredibly simple shapes. Palazzo pants used to be quite popular in the 60s and the 70s. Now it has made a huge comeback. These are super stylish and very comfortable at the same time.

Cotton sarees, silk cotton sarees, and silk sarees of all varieties can be transformed into beautiful palazzo pants. You can get these custom made according to your taste and requirements.

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Stylish Blouses

Almost all of us have those sarees which have old fashioned and outdated blouses. Since the blouse fashion keeps on changing frequently, we can use Pallu of old classic sarees for creating beautiful new designer blouses. Let be assured that it will skyrocket your overall saree looks if designed properly.

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Silk Potli Bags and Gift Bags

We all need matching ethnic bags while attending the wedding parties or any family functions. With your old Sarees, you can make a variety of bags to match your outfits. If you are using an old Saree for creating a Lehenga, then you can use the same fabric for making a Potli bag. You can try the variety of bags depending upon your imaginations and requirements.

Same way old silk Sarees can be used as the gift bags which can give a personal touch to the whole affair.

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All the above ideas shared here gives us an option of transforming our fashion dilemmas into an artful and stylish enterprises. It is also about utilizing the traditional things into more functional items of our use. So let’s enjoy being the beautiful models for our own designed clothes. Also, let our fashion imaginations soar high. Good luck.

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