We all know that breakfast is very important as it breaks the overnight fast and replenishes all the essential nutrients. Experts say if you miss your breakfast you are less likely to compensate the lost nutrition throughout the day. So here I am forwarding five of my favorite south Indian breakfast you can give a try.

Ragi Dosa

Ragi (finger or red millet) is very rich in calcium approximately such that 100 gm. of Ragi contains 350 mg of calcium. It is very digestible and an ideal breakfast full of nutrients for a active day. In addition to this the fat content in Ragi is very less. Isn’t it like the cherry on the top !!!

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Oats Idly

Oats are known to maintain blood sugar and cholesterol levels. whole oats are the only source of unique group of antioxidants which are known to protect us against diseases. After eating an oats breakfast you will feel active and energetic for the whole day.

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Sprout vadas

Sprouts have always been a popular choice for many diet conscious people around the world. Sprouts contain fewer calories and are excellent source of vitamin K, vitamin C, fiber .You can go for baked vadas to avoid deep frying.

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Pesarratu is a common breakfast in south india especially Andhra Pradesh.It is made by using whole moong dal(green grams) and this breakfast is loaded with vitamins A,B and C with lots of minerals. Healthy eaters vouch for its powerful source of vegetable protein along with its detoxification properties.

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Whole Wheat Upma

According to experts if we select a 100% wheat product then the bran and the wheat germ will remain in our meals and the health benefits will be quite impressive. It is a very good source of dietry fibre and a good source of magnesium.

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To make it more palatable for the uninitiated we can team all the above south Indian dishes with sambhar and a variety of chutneys. I prefer sambhar with lots of vegetables and with very less oil.

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