Three Natural Fixes for Voluminous Hair

We all love thick and voluminous hair. But due to the hectic, stressful lifestyle coupled with nutritional deficiencies and age forms a deadly combinations for hair loss. We all at one or the other point of life has or would face one of these problems of hair loss, dry hair, dandruff and slow growth.

It is not an unfounded belief that the Over the counter (OTC) hair care products are causing more harm than the benefits espoused. In this post, I want to share a few of time-tested hair packs which are inexpensive and can be easily prepared at home by using kitchen ingredients. These hair packs are known to be effective and I myself have experienced it subtle benefits.


1. Fenugreek-Yogurt for Hair Conditioner for Dry Hair with Split Ends

Methi seeds contain nicotinic acid and protein in addition to wide variety of nutrients. Therefore it is very useful in strengthening the hair shaft and repairing the damaged follicles. Lecithin present in fenugreek imparts a shine to hair and is suitable for even sensitive scalp conditions.

Further with the moisturising properties of yogurt, as it contains large amount of zinc and lactic acid, it is very helpful in repairing dry and damaged hair. Let me mention that it imparts a shine and lustre to your hair.

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  • Take one tablespoon of fenugreek and soak it in water overnight
  • In the morning grind these soaked seeds in mixer grinder after adding 2 tablespoonfuls of yogurt
  • Apply this paste to your hair for thirty minutes
  • wash off with mild cold water.

2. Mustard seed hair packs to grow your hair long

Mustard hair pack has slight heating effect. When applied to the roots it stimulates hair follicles and enhances the blood circulation in scalp which further leads to accelerated hair growth. The olive oil and egg yolk used in the pack is known to nourish the locks making the hair grow a little more faster.

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  • Take two teaspoons of mustard seed powder (you can prepare it at home also by grinding mustard seeds in mixer grinder)
  • Two teaspoonfuls of sugar
  • One tablespoon of olive oil
  • One egg yolk
  • Add all these ingredients using hot water to make a paste of yogurt like consistency
  • Apply it on the scalp
  • let this paste sit in hair for 40 minutes
  • Try not to use it on the ends as it dries up the hair
  • use a shower cap

It gives a mild burning sensation on the scalp which can vary from person to person. It is advised to wait for minimum 30 minutes before washing it off. Experience shows that the burning sensation produced by this pack is not going to harm you unless you are allergic to any of these ingredients.

3. Onion packs for fresh hair growth

Onion pack for regrowth of hair and for stopping hair fall is an age old remedy. The scientific fact behind this is that onions are rich in sulphur which is vital for the production of collagen tissues. This collagen is necessary for the growth of the hair. The sulphur content in the juice has antibacterial properties which prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi. If used regularly, it proves highly beneficial for the regrowth of hair and for preventing hair fall.

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  • Chop a big onion in small pieces
  • Put it in blender to make a fine paste
  • Apply it on the scalp and leave it for at least 40 min before washing it off
  • You can alternatively use the onion juice in place of onion paste
  • For preparing the onion juice grate the onion and press the grated onions in a sieve to get the juice.
  • Massage the juice gently in the scalp to get the desired result
  • Try to use this remedy at least 3 times in a week

The difficult part of using this treatment is the smell of onion in the hair which stays for a considerable time. Apple cider vinegar mixed with water in a half-half ratio can be used as a final rinse for removing the smell of onions. Or else squeeze the juice of one lemon in water and use it for the final rinse.

Nature is Always in Vogue

The above home made remedies were quite popular in the past before the advent of artificial and chemical based OTC products. Still people use it at their home with great satisfactions. Nature always remains in vogue. I am always of the opinion that there has to be a scientific approach to whatever we do. Hence it is quite natural that reactions and results may differ with individuals. It is advised to consult your doctor if you are having any apprehensions or any queries. An experienced and scientific advise is always welcome.

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