Loreal Paris True match Genius 4 in 1 rose Ivory review

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A month back I had to attend the wedding of a close relative. At that time I realized that for the makeup to be perfect, I needed a perfect makeup base. This is a daunting task as the perfect makeup base includes primer concealer foundation as well as the powder to be applied in a proper way. Otherwise it might lead to an uneven complexion thereby spoiling the complete look.

The Perfect Makeup Base

While searching for that “perfect makeup base” I scouted through the various brands in the market. This itself is a time consuming process. But I came across L’Oreal Paris true match genius 4 in 1 R1 Rose Ivory product which claims to be a 4 in one product. Further it claims to act as a primer concealer foundation. I quickly bought a shade matching my skin tone. The shade which I bought is Rose Ivory that is R1.

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After using this product for more than a month on various occasions, I am in a position to write my experiences and observations about it.

What the Product Claims

  • To give smooth feel to the skin like a primer for a never before velvety finish
  • Glides and unifies like a fluid foundation for ultra gliding texture
  • Covers imperfection like a concealer for a 100% flawless skin
  • Finishes like a powder for 12 hr lasting perfection
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Directions for use

  • The product has to be applied on a clean and moisturized face
  • It has to be applied with the applicator
  • Start it from your forehead and on the temple of cheeks and blend it
  • Continue to blend it evenly to get a perfect finish

My Experience With The Product

  • This product works well for giving the medium coverage.
  • It has thick smooth texture and spreads easily
  • It takes a little time to set on the face and after few minutes it gives a flawless finish
  • It makes the imperfections and pores look less visible
  • It gives medium coverage
  • It does not work as concealer as it cannot cover the acne marks completely
  • it is cream based and hence does not give a matte finish.
  • Makes the skin greasy after about one hour of application

Positive Aspects

  • Packaging is very convenient
  • Small box can be easily carried in a purse
  • Very convenient to use and takes very less time for application.
  • It easily glides on skin
  • It evens out skin tone
  • Gives medium coverage
  • Does not give an artificial whitening effect
  • Evens out imperfections
  • It has 7 shades to choose from
  • Gives a brightening effect

The Less Brighter Side

  • Not suitable for those with oily skin
  • Can not conceal the targeted areas completely
  • After only few hours, skin starts looking greasy


This product is good for people with dry skin. It gives a very good option for the people who are looking for a medium coverage. The one visible good aspect of this product is that it gives a natural look if shade is selected carefully. I would suggest to try it if someone is looking for a quick fix makeup base.

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