Neutriderm Moisturizer a day to day use blockbuster

Moisturizing- The Middle Basic Step

We all are familiar with the basic steps of skin care like cleansing, moisturizing and toning. But among the three basic steps, the moisturizing part is what I am going to write about today by way of discussing about a product. When it comes to the moisturizing part, there are a number of over the counter(OTC) products available.

Reviewing a Moisturizer

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Today I m going to review a product which is a part of my daily skin care routine. I am using this product for the last many months with out any problem. On numerous occasions, many of my friends had asked about a moisturizer which can suit different types of skin categories and be non-comedogenic at the same time. I wrote this review to present my experiences with this product.

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What the Product Claims

The product claims to

  • Soothe and hydrate the dry skin conditions
  • Ameliorate redness in sunburn skin
  • Help in reducing acne scars
  • Diminish stretch marks
  • Curtail the free radical damages to skin
  • Works as an anti oxidant

How to use

The product has to be applied liberally on to skin twice a day ideally after the shower while the skin is still moist.

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The Luminous Side

  • It has a very light fragrance which is not overwhelming
  • Comes in a very convenient packaging for travelling
  • Tube packaging is very hygienic
  • It is water based so it does not make the skin look oily
  • It provides the skin vitamin E as well as Lactic acid benefits
  • It gives moisturizing effects to the skin for minimum 4 to 6 hours
  • It is affordable
  • Very well tolerated for all skin types and does not lead to breakouts

The Dull Side

  • For very dry skin it needs frequent applications
  • It is expensive if used as a body moisturizer

Personally I would prefer to have this product completely fragrance free.

The Observations and Conclusions

  • It is a very good moisturizer for day to day use.
  • Can be used as a moisturizing base every day under the make up
  • Regular use of the moisturizer makes the skin smooth plump and hydrated

What I have observed is that the long term use of it makes the skin free from stretch marks and scars. Further benefit is that it does not lead to pimples and clogged pores. Personally I found it useful for the face as well as for the whole body. I would strongly recommend this product for day to day use.



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