The Facial Sheet Mask

The Convenient Beauty Regime

Facial sheet masks are widely used as a regular beauty regime in many Asian cultures. This convenient beauty care regime, some vouch, was first introduced to use in South Korea. In the last few years it has gained popularity all over the world among beauty enthusiasts as well as among the professionals

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What is it ?

  • Sheet masks are pre-cut face shaped fabric sheets
  • It is drenched in assorted nutrition rich serums which
  • Sheets can be of different material as well as gel
  • The sheet prevents quick evaporation of the ingredients and extends the exposure time of the skin to the ingredients. Thus leading to the deep penetration of the ingredients into the skin layers
  • As a result the sheet mask outperform the effect of one application of serum as well as the traditional masks
  • Different kind of sheet masks are available for different kinds of treatments
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Why is it so Popular ?

People swear by the efficiency of the sheet masks. The popularity of sheet masks owes to the ease of using it.

  • It can be used while doing normal activities like cleaning, cooking, reading, playing with kids, talking on phone, watching TV etc.
  • It is a very quick way to restore healthy and more youthful appearance
  • In fact all normal and ordinary works can be done without worrying about the beauty regimen one is going through.
  • The best thing about sheet masks is that you don’t have to bother about washing the face after removing the mask

I tried it too ..

I tried the Collagen as well as Arbutin sheet masks which are manufactured in Korea and marketed in India by Lazhora pharma company. My observations are in nutshell enumerated below.

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What I Liked about ?

  • These sheet masks are extremely easy to use
  • It is mess free and fuss free experience
  • These masks contain assorted skin care ingredients which don’t require addition of any Activators from outside
  • This particular brand offers flexibility in choosing various types of treatment regimes.
  • There is a huge variety of sheet masks available for the various type of treatments according to your own choices.
  • Excellent for use during travel and journeys
  • It instantly gives an innocent and youthful look to the face
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What it Probably Lacks ?

Generally it is my understanding that all the sheet masks are inherently lacking in the below attributes. It has nothing to do with any particular brands or so. Perhaps sheet masks are not meant to achieve what I may be personally wanting it to achieve.

  • Cotton sheet doused with a skin nourishing liquid can not clean the skin deeply
  • Does little for exfoliation like traditional masks
  • These masks don’t completely replace the serums
  • Applications can be tricky

Finally ….

After using a variety of sheet masks I came to the conclusion that sheet masks are the excellent way of pampering your skin and very convenient to use during travelling. These come as a packed sterile single sheet packaging which makes them perfect to carry as a beauty aid during travelling. I must confess that I am pleased with the results. If I have to suggest I would advise all of you to give at least a try. As a caveat it is worthwhile to mention that sheet masks works according to your skin types as well as skin requirements.

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